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We area specialist Urban Design Consultancy with considerable knowledge and skills in the parallel fields of Town Planning and Architecture, We create Master Plans , Design and Development Controls and delivery models for Town and Village centres, TOD’s, Residential Neighbourhoods and Communities including Seniors and Affordable Housing projects.


AAUD has won many professional and industry awards for our innovative expertise in Planning and Urban Design


Our projects range from single buildings to infill developments to subdivisions to whole Towns and Village
and their Centres.....Our central tenet is ``MAKING PLACE``.


This project for Stockland and Landcom creates a plan for up to 1000 density dwellings to fill out the regional centre at Macarthur. It builds around the existing shopping centre with a mix of density housing to 3-5 floors, integrates with public transport interchange and connects to another density residential precinct and to the University and TAFE complexes. It proposes major works associated with Bow Bowing Creek, which will enhance environmental attributes and create a major public domain focus for the new development.

Public / Social / Affordable Housing

AAUD has carried out considerable work in these areas over the years. Peter Annand worked on the Woolloomooloo revitalisation and Ultimo/Pyrmont project very early on in his career in association with Sydney Council and Department of Housing.

Universities / Higher Education

AAUD have over the years been involved in a number of projects which may interact strongly with tertiary education facilities


UrbanGrowth NSW

AAUD has carried out many projects aimed at restructuring Town and Village Centres to support urban redevelopment of TOD’s, higher density mixed-use centres etc.

AAUD has also masterplanned a variety of brownfield and greyfield sites. Some of these projects would seem to have particular relevance to the State Government’s urban growth strategies (Urban Activation Precincts).



AAUD has carried out a number of projects which have sought innovative employment generating practices.

Hospital / Medical

Hospitals are major community facilities, major employers and have a high employment multiplier effect. AAUD have over the years been involved with a number of hospital/medical associated projects

Seniors Housing

AAUD has carried out a number of Seniors Housing explorations

Density Housing

AAUD has designed and delivered a wide range of affordable, density housing typologies in a wide variety of contexts


AAUD has pioneered ‘Corridor Development Studies’ from the multi-award winning Canterbury Road Study to similar studies in Gladesville, NSW (Victoria Road), Main Road Glenorchy, Tasmania, and Ponsonby and Mt Albert Roads in Auckland, NZ. Peter Annand has contributed to CNU and AITE research on ‘Context Sensitive Road Design’. He has lobbied for a more collaborative and context sensitive approach by our road authorities.

Town and Village Centres/ TOD’s

AAUD has designed a considerable number of Town and Village Centres across Australia. Many of them are built or under construction. AAUD believes that the Delivery Process requires particular attention and is currently actively promoting improved delivery mechanisms.

Parking, Multi-modal Streets and Urban Design

AAUD has extensively researched car parking needs for Town and Village Centres and TOD’s and has regularly promoted innovative policies and practices