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AAUD has pioneered ‘Corridor Development Studies’ from the multi-award winning Canterbury Road Study to similar studies in Gladesville, NSW (Victoria Road), Main Road Glenorchy, Tasmania, and Ponsonby and Mt Albert Roads in Auckland, NZ. Peter Annand has contributed to CNU and AITE research on ‘Context Sensitive Road Design’. He has lobbied for a more collaborative and context sensitive approach by our road authorities. Major Corridor Studies include:
Canterbury Road Corridor, NSW (Canterbury Council)

A detailed Corridor Masterplan for 8.5km length of Canterbury Road with subsequent Development Control Plan and special place studies. (Awaiting cooperation of RTA)

Victoria Road, Gladesville (Ryde and Hunters Hill Councils)

This Corridor Masterplan focussed on improvements to functioning of properties fronting this major congested arterial road. A variety of public and private works and amenity upgrades were recommended.

Main Road, Glenorchy, Tasmania (Glenorchy council)

This Corridor Masterplan carefully analysed retail/employment and mixed-use redevelopment opportunities along this major arterial road. A number of special projects were identified to enhance amenity and economic performance

Ponsonby Road, Auckland, NZ (Auckland Council)

A Masterplan and economic amenity upgrade for this characterful heritage precinct with major mixed-use redevelopment and art space infill development recommendations.

Mt Albert Road, Auckland, NZ (Auckland Council)

A major nodal Masterplan for this extensive corridor recommending areas of major redevelopment, restructuring, conservation and amenity enhancement.