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Density Housing


AAUD has designed and delivered a wide range of affordable, density housing typologies in a wide variety of contexts. These include:

Very innovative for its time; it included small lots, duplexes, terraces, studios over garage and a small apartment block in very well landscaped and serviced community title development.

Macarthur Centre (Park Central/Macarthur Gardens)

Innovative split level terraces and small lot houses on steep sites with studios over garages and a variety of medium density walk-up apartment types.

DP2/Vale, WA

Various shop-top and mixed-use apartment types for village centres. Ancillary Dwellings Various ancillary and studio apartments over garages in a variety of formats.

North Penrith

Various townhouse, small lot and apartment typologies to provide optimal affordability and medium density.

Small Lot Apartments

3 dwellings on single lot in residential framework – (1 x upstairs, 1 x downstairs + 1 x studio over garage).

Transect of Typologies

AAUD has done considerable research in determining appropriate densities and typologies for different positions on the transect. AAUD has designed optimal affordable densities in many typologies to suit many contexts.

Wangaratta Student/Seniors Housing

A mixed student/seniors, short-stay residential village as part of Wangaratta Urban Renewal Program.


Mixed-use and medium density infill development. Dense, affordable attractive with excellent amenity.

Housing Typologies

AAUD has designed a wide range of density housing typologies from 20-80 dw/ha for town and village locations.