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Universities / Higher Education


AAUD have over the years been involved in a number of projects which may interact strongly with tertiary education facilities.  These include:
The MacArthur North Project (Landcom/Stockland)

where we redesigned the MacArthur Town Centre and paid particular attention to how it might interact and integrate with the University of Western Sydney and TAFE campuses across the rail/creek. A number of integrating option were explored for the land between the railway/creek and the UWS and the TAFE.

The WELL Precinct(Werrington) /Caddens Release (Landcom).

AAUD designed the adjacent residential estate and village centre and investigated potential connection and integration with the UWS campus.

Calderwood Valley (Private).

AAUD prepared a concept plan for an integrated new university town in this valley below the Illawarra escarpment (now subject of a residential release proposal by Lend Lease).

North Penrith TOD (Landcom).

AAUD have investigated potential sites for integrated university buildings within this new and evolving TOD. There are two particular sites where substantial university buildings could be constructed to integrate strongly with the village centre, drawing exceptional benefit from proximity to transit, employment, affordable housing and the retail, recreational and cultural functions of this new TOD (Thornton) and the Penrith Town Centre.

South Wangaratta Ovens College Site (Wangaratta Council).

AAUD has carried out an in-depth study to investigate the potential for provision of student housing (via various finance and delivery mechanisms) to support tertiary education in the community (GO TAFE, Charles Sturt University and Wangaratta Base Hospital. The redevelopment of the site will have multiple community benefits including provision of student housing at no cost to the community or education authorities.

Rouse Hill (Stockland).

AAUD designed an integrated precinct containing opportunities for education and employment as part of this major mixed-use Town Centre proposal. Tender awarded to Lend Lease, Stockland second.

Seven Hills (DoH).

AAUD have designed a major mixed-use/density residential development in the SE precinct at Seven Hills railway station. There is opportunity for the integration of an educational component in this precinct in close proximity to the station or in the Adjacent North-East precinct, currently a major local employment precinct.

Pinjara Hills Brisbane – ACNU Masterclass.

A 4 day EBD Workshop on Queensland University land for new town including a Town Centre, employment, education precinct and residential.