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Urban Growth NSW


AAUD has carried out many projects aimed at restructuring Town and Village Centres to support urban redevelopment of TOD’s, higher density mixed-use centres etc.
AAUD has also masterplanned a variety of brownfield and greyfield sites. Some of these projects would seem to have particular relevance to the State Government’s urban growth strategies (Urban Activation Precincts).

These include:

  • Campsie Civic Masterplan
  • Canterbury Road Corridor Masterplan
  • Canterbury Town Centre Masterplan
  • Seven Hills Public Housing Precinct Masterplan
  • Telopea Transit Accessible Precinct Masterplan
  • Wiley Park Masterplan
  • Macarthur North /Macartur Centre Masterplan
  • North Penrith (Thornton) TOD Masterplan

These projects have some or all of the following elements:

  • significant public ownership
  • need for coordination amongst public and private owners
  • need for coordination of public authorities/policy/practice
  • need for site amalgamations
  • need for infrastructure augmentation/coordination
  • need for public domain enhancement/coordination
  • need for project management and coordination across property boundaries

A major urban release project ready for development (pending decision on Council amalgamations). This major mixed-use project can provide TransitAssociated Development comprising retail, commercial, civic and residential within an attractive public domain placemaking context. UrbanGrowth NSW could be interested in managing the tender process; infrastructure upgrades (where necessary) and managing project delivery.

Canterbury Road

This major project could provide a model for Corridor redevelopment and  enhancement. The project needs assistance to create context sensitive and multi-nodal experience along Canterbury Road, requires co-operation from RTA, assistance with public domain improvements and infrastructure upgrades

Canterbury Town Centre

This major urban revitalisation project is underway. There are however a variety of expensive upfront infrastructure projects plus major coordination required between public and private sectors. Major infrastructure augmentation is required which will include all utilities (but particularly sewer), waterfront works, public domain etc. Coordination/collaboration is required with SRA, RTA, Waterways and other departments and with private owners. Project coordination, management and delivery assistance would be desirable. Note coordination with SRA upgrades and exploration of air-rights and station square over rail south of Canterbury Road could be explored (similar to St Leonards).

Seven Hills Public Housing Renewal

This major urban regeneration project is on hold because:
• DoH proceeded with Part 3A on the project and lost Council support;
• DoH is not experienced with major renewal projects particularly including public domain and infrastructure upgrades.
This project could be resurrected as a coordinated project by gaining Council and political support, rezoning, preparing implementation documents, managing public domain/infrastructure upgrades and delivery. Note potential for including private owners near station, the shopping centre to the west, other residential lands (DoH) to the NW and industrial/ commercial lands to the  north.


This is a major urban renewal project underway by DoH. Much of the development will be delivered by the private sector. There may be opportunities for improved outcomes in terms of structure and public domain by involvement of UrbanGrowth NSW. There are also opportunities associated with private sector redevelopment of the small retail centre on Evans Street.

Wiley Park

Wiley Park is a major Transit-Oriented Development ready to go but hindered by two small unamalgamated sites. The whole project could be liberated by government compulsory acquisition of those sites. Note there would also be benefits by including adjacent DoH site adjacent to the rail line.

MacArthur North – UWS

This precinct is a very significant precinct located between the MacArthur Railway Station and creek and UWS/TAFE. It is owned by Stockland and is a long term project staged after completion of MacArthur Gardens on the other side of the railway.
This important precinct is proposed as a medium density mixed-use precinct, a nodal arrival point by public transport (bus and rail) and by car to UWS and TAFE and to the wider Landcom residential precinct.
Preliminary studies have been carried out by AAUD to explore the integrating potential of this site. There are a number of items of major infrastructure which require augmentation / enhancement including bridge access across rail and creek, creek improvement works (environmental and drainage) and other utilities.Also important is the capacity to work with UWS and TAFE to integrate seamlessly with them.

North Penrith TOD (Thornton)

A major new TOD on ex-army land at Penrith Station to provide a mixed-use urban centre comprising retail, employment, density residential in a very attractive, comfortable and sustainable framework. (Under construction)

Pyrmont Bay

A Masterplan for the redevelopment of this extensive waterfront precinct including Sydney Casino, tourism, residential mixed-use development and waterfront recreation. (Complete)
Also included below are examples of major urban development works by AAUD.

King Street Wharf

A Masterplan for extensive waterfrontage on west side of the Sydney CBD comprising transit facilities, waterfront promenade, mixed-use and residential development reconnecting the Sydney CBD with the waterfront.

Lightsview Village Centre, SA

A Masterplan for a lively mixed-use centre in this Adelaide middle-ring suburb.

Bowden Village, North Adelaide, SA

A Masterplan, feasibility studies and Development Guidelines for this significant mixed-use TOD in inner Adelaide.